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UX/UI design for group buying app and brand identity for Wantit.

The Problem

Buying as an Individual can be very expensive, but it hasn't have to be. 

Finding people to buy with you in order to reduce the price can be hard and sometimes impossible. 

The Solution

WantIt gives you the opportunity to create a group buying, and help you contact the retailer, so he can decide the number of buyers you need to receive the discount.​ you can also see what other people are buying and join the porches.

The Persona

Smiling Young Girl

Maya Rz


- Fashionista

- love online shopping

- Has no time to waste.

-Looking for a discount.

Identity Guidelines


R 255

G 255

B 255


Dark Grey

R 85

G 85

B 85



R 0

G 0

B 0



R 239

G 222

B 204


Final Product

unnamed (6).png

The home page gives you a quick look on the amoung of groups active at the moment. organized by category.

unnamed (4).png

Quick upload of a new product.

Pending store approval.jpg
unnamed (1).png

Items the user uploaded organized to active, pending and archive so you can revive item if needed, and so he can find items he asked to buy and see the group sttatus when needed.

unnamed (2).png
discount anager.jpg
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